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Collaborative Study at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Kenneth H. Stokoe II, University of Texas at Austin

This is an added NEESR project. Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy. There are three major tasks in this project:

  1. The first investigation is vertical seismic profiles (VSPs) to be conducted in two existing boreholes using T-Rex in both P- and S- modes. SH-wave source polarizations shall be used to infer material anisotropy. In addition to anisotropy, frequency dependence of the velocity profile will be explored using the controlling source bandwidth of T-Rex.
  2. The second investigation is a relative site response experiment with the goal of evaluating the relative response of canyon and ridge sites to vertical SH-waves using T-Rex as a source.
  3. The third investigation is an in-situ experiment to evaluate the nonlinear response of the shallow soft tuff layer Qbt3L using an embedded array of sensors with T-Rex and Thumper as the SH- and P-wave source. The source will be positioned directly over the sensors.